Computer Rooms

Computer Rooms

Our company at the end of the year and combining all these special operations are able to carry out and complete turnkey solutions such as Computer Rooms.

 Computer Room is no longer a place we're trying to hide something, it is a sign of a serious response from the side of the business in terms of core housing of the Communications & Database.


According to the above   a company should combine many things together, utilizing the expertise to give the desired effect. Listed below are the things which make up a modern CR Room:


  • Lightweight construction with fire resistant plasterboard.
  •  Fire safety doors equipped with panic bars.
  • Flame retardant cable opening fillers.
  • Earthquake support racks - other provisions.
  • Systems elevated raised floor.
  • Systems Scaffolding for the equipment housing (RACK).
  • Controlled access systems (Access control).
  • Alarm Systems - Paging.
  • Fire Alarm Systems .
  • Automatic extinguishing systems. 
  • Systems of uninterrupted power supply (UPS).
  • Conditioning systems (Close control systems).
  • Surveillance Systems.
  • Systems monitoring environmental conditions.



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